The Tool Bar

The Tool Bar is your app and file management tool.




More about the Tool Bar

Most of the Tool Bar’s functions are the same as – and behave in a similar way – to the OS X Finder’s Tool Bar.

The Back and Forward Button

The Back and Forward Buttons will let you toggle between the location you were just in with the location you are currently in.


The Viewing Choices:

In all 3 view states you can select and work with your files.

The Icon View


The List View


The Cover Flow View


The Arrange Button

The Arrange Button will allow you to view your files in any of the viewing states:

By File Name;

By File Kind;

By the Date the file was modified;

By the Date the file was created and

By the Size of the File.


The Action Button

The Action Button will allow you to:

Open a selected file;

Download it to your iPad Folder;

Upload it to your Dropbox (if you have a Dropbox account);

Send it to a Bluetooth connected device via Bluetooth;

Send to another iPad which is connected on the same WiFi Network via WiFi; and

Send to a file via email.


You will need to be connected to a network to use any of the sharing functions, such as sending via WiFi or email.

The Clipboard Button

The Clipboard Button is unique to HyperLink and allows you to keep up to 3 files to copy to other locations, and more specifically, used for WiFi tranfers. However, you can’t use the Clipboard for Bluetooth transfers.

To move a file into the Clipboard, simply drag and drop the file across the Clipboard Button’s icon.

Drag and Drop to Clipboard

HyperLink will advise you that a file has been copied into the Clipboard.


Files in the Clipboard can also be copied to other locations.

Copying from the Clipboard

To delete a file in the Clipboard simply select it (the text will highlight in blue) and tap the Delete Button in the Tool Bar.

Deleting file from Clipboard

Get Info Button

The Get Info Button is especially useful in offline mode for tracking the file's path and shows details about your selected file by:

file name;

file size;

• where the file is located in your Mac’s environment;

the Date the file was created; and

the Date the file was modified.

Get Info Menu

New Folder Button

The New Folder Button allows you to create a new folder in the location the Viewing Pane is currently displaying. Touching this button will launch a dialogue box asking you to ‘Please input New Folder’s Name’.

Changing a file Name

After you enter the new folder’s name and press ‘Okay’, the new folder will appear in the current Viewing Pane showing the location selected in the Side Bar.


Delete Button

The Delete Button allows you to delete any file in the location the Viewing Pane is currently displaying. So be careful! After you select a file and touch the Delete Button a dialogue box will ask ‘Are you sure you want to delete [File Name] from (xxx}?’.

iPad Folder Deleting

Be sure!

Path Button

The Path Button displays a Sub Menu so that you can see where the selected file is in your Mac’s hierarchical system.


The Settings Button

The Settings Button has several features as listed below:

The Settings Explained

First time indexing, excluding mail attachments by default, is best done over a WiFi network and could take up to an hour for a large system. Auto-Lock is short cut function and is used for saving power.


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