Getting Started

Setting up Remote Login

After purchasing and installing the app, and before launching HyperLink on your iPad, go to your desktop or laptop and launch the System Preferences under the Apple menu.

Launch System Prefs

When the System Preferences has launched, go to the Sharing Icon and launch the Sharing Preferences:

System Preferences Sharing

In Sharing Preferences turn on ‘Remote Login’ by ticking the box as shown:

Remote Login Field 1

In Sharing Preferences take note of your user name that follows the “ssh...” Information. Do not include the ssh, the space after and the commas (“ssh ). All you need is the user name which starts after the space and stops at the @ symbol.

Remote Login Field 2

Also take note of the Host/IP address as it appears after the @ symbol shown below:


Setting your Computer’s Password

If you can’t remember your computer’s password, go to the System Preferences Pane and select ‘Users & Groups’ Icon. In this Preference Pane, you need to have Administrator access to set or reset your password. If you have difficulty remembering your Mac OS X password, please go to Mac OS X: Changing or resetting an account password.

Users and Groups

Your computer contains personal documents, photos, email messages, and even a log of your Internet activities. Password protecting your Mac keeps this private information safe and allows you to control who accesses your information. You should follow these steps whether you work primarily from work, home, or a cafe. No one should ever have unauthorized access to your Mac!

If you have not set or forgotten your Administrator password to access your computer, you can set or reset it in this pane:

Users and Groups Password

Please refer to Apple’s online support by going  to Mac OS X: Changing or resetting an account password.


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