An Overview

HyperLink consists of 4 main sections:

An Overview 2

File Naming Standards

HyperLink Version 1.0 does not support non-standard keyboard characters such as #, •, ©, etc in file and folder names.

Non Supported charaters

This is the message you will see if the file name isn’t supported. 


 You can hold and drag the edge Viewing Pane to the left, using a one finger sliding gesture, so The Viewing Pane is at its full viewing area:

One finger gesture
Full Screen

Updating The Viewing Pane’s content

Update the content of any Viewing Pane by using a one finger sliding gesture to hold and drag The Viewing Pane down. When you do this, you’ll see the Molten Mango logo embossed on the background. To the left of the exposed background, a downward facing arrow will appear and be replaced with a spinning circle, which indicates the index is being updated and your screen will refresh the contents. The window will spring back to full screen mode when the update is completed.

Refreshing Content

Note: You need to be in online mode to update the content of a Viewing Pane. If you are not online, a dialogue box will indicate that you’re not online and ask you if you’d like to find the server to connect and update.


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